What some of the participants say about our program:

“The question I’ve been trying to answer for myself during this trip is – What bonds people together? When I was in Thailand I found out that one bond is hope. Hope that good seeds will bear good fruits in future. And in India, I’ve seen through this experience that you are not only planting important seeds of hope for our world’s future, but you care for your community enough that those seeds are starting to grow. Because of your care, the students on our trip have become better stewards of the world. Thank you for teaching me about India and about myself.”
Mattie Courtright, USA

Thank you so much for opening up your wisdom and knowledge of India to us. Your program is truly unique and I wouldn’t hesitate recommending it to any young travelers coming to India. You have opened up my mind and given me insights about India I would have never known if I was just another lone backpacker. I have no doubt in my mind that I will return to India in years to come and I would be very grateful if our paths could cross.”
Ian Donovan, USA

“I am so happy to participate in this program because I could experience so many things in India that I have never experienced in Japan. I could learn a lot about Indian culture and history, and I could meet many people in various places. I want to cherish this encounter. It was so good for me.”
Yuki Fujiwara, Japan

“Here are just a few words to articulate my gratitude, if words could ever capture the ways in which this India experience changed my life! The work you do for the international community of students is beyond compare—the world needs you. You have showed me India in the most personal, beautiful and eye-opening way. The lessons I have learned about the world and myself I owe to you. From survival Hindi to our village visits, to temples, to our intellectual conversations—you are a role model for us all.”
Ariel Mejia, USA

“It is so difficult to express all my thanks and appreciation for who you are and all the things you have done for us individually and as a group altogether. India, I believe, would not have been what it was without you. I am still trying to wrap my head around being here and having done so much. With the NGO visits, home stay and Hindi lessons, I feel like we lived everyday to the fullest and sparked our minds and hearts. One specific moment that resonated me, was the visit to Navdanya. Just sitting there and listening to all the work that was being implemented around seeds, food security, and biodiversity reaffirmed and rejuvenated my passion and drive to continue my work around food and environmental justice.”
Christian Aka, USA

“Thank you so much for giving an amazing tour of Rajasthan. I loved it so much here. My grand mother had said so many great things about it, and you helped it live up to the hype. Jhadol village trip was my favorite.”
John, USA