Partnerships / Collaborations

We have partnered / collaborated with the following international organizations for the Perspectives & Insights from India program:

Youth International
Since 1997, Youth International has provided many people with the most exciting, fulfilling and educational experiences of their life. It is a unique way to explore some of the world, open your mind, and challenge who you think you are or might be. It sets you up to gain a first-hand understanding of a variety of different cultures and communities, and give back to them. It is also a tremendous amount of fun! Tazurba International has been working together with this very friendly organization since 2007 and regularly hosting spring and fall groups from Youth International in North India / Rajasthan.

Carpe Diem Education
Carpe Diem’s study abroad semester programs are designed to safely challenge every student. Through service, travel, community and cultural exchange, their students receive a unique and personal insight into themselves and the cultures they live within while also giving back through service in every country we travel. Their leaders are trained to facilitate personal growth and learning within the structure of an academic semester; this combination has proven the best way to open the eyes of Carpe Diem students to the forgotten side of the developing world. They challenge their students by consciously teaching them how to be better group leaders and better self-leaders  and how to safely travel independently anywhere in the world. Tazurba International has been working together with this organization since 2010 and regularly hosting spring and fall groups from Carpe Diem Education in North India / Rajasthan.

University of Illinois, Chicago, Study Abroad Office
Tazurba International signed a MOU with the Board of Trustees of the University of Illinois, on behalf of its campus in Chicago, Illinois, United States of America,  wishing to establish cooperative relations between the two institutions, especially to develop the academic and cultural interchange through mutual assistance in the areas of education. In 2012, we designed and launched a very successful faculty-led summer program in India focusing on labor migration and food security for UIC students. We hosted the another UIC group again last summer.

Foundation Global Education, Hong Kong
Foundation Global Education offers programs and services to high school students and families from around the world. Their summer programs in China, India and Brazil for 2011 include exciting experiential learning and summer study abroad opportunities where gifted high school students come together for an in-depth cultural experience that will change their perspectives of the host country, their own country, and, perhaps most interestingly, of themselves. Tazurba International had a collaboration with FGE for designing and running “Perspectives-India” program for high school students from around the world. This program was successfully launched in 2010.

School of Global Studies (SGS), Tama University, Japan
The School of Global Studies (SGS) is a small, liberal arts faculty of Tama University, Japan. It currently has about 600 students in attendance and is located in Fujisawa, Kanagawa Prefecture, about 40 minutes from Yokohama and about an hour from central Tokyo. Tazurba International signed an international agreement with SGS in 2009 and hosted faculty-led groups of Japanese students in India to participate in cultural immersion and community service programs.