Group stay
The Participants will stay in moderate and centrally located twin-bed hotels, guest houses or serviced apartments in Delhi, Jaipur and Udaipur. These accommodations will be furnished with air-conditioning, hot water, en-suite bathrooms, linens, and house-keeping services.

Home stay
The participants will stay with local middle class Indian families for a short home stay. The experience of living with a family will give participants a chance to immerse in Indian culture and bring to bear much of what they have learned over the course of the preceding weeks to better understand and appreciate life in contemporary India. The families are carefully selected by Tazurba International and we have a pool of very nice and experienced host families in Jaipur. The participants will be provided a room on twin sharing bases with an attached bathroom and most of the meals with the hosting family during the home stay.

Village stay
The participants will stay at very basic hostels of the host NGO with common bathrooms and very basic meals. The rural home stay would require stepping out of the comfort zone and share the space in a small hamlet with the hosting family of subsistence farmers from indigenous communities with practically no material assets. The hosting NGO will provide two cots with beds, safe drinking water and all meals. The participants would be encouraged to join the daily household chores and live a very simple life for a few days with their host families. There wouldn’t be any bathrooms in the village, and participants will have access to basic bathrooms only at the program base at a walking distance from the village in the day time.

The program will provide all local transport by hiring A/C Cars in cities and Non-A/C Jeeps during the village excursion. The group will be traveling in 2 A/C sleepers or 3 A/C sleepers, depending upon the availability for all train journeys.

Included activities
All activities scheduled in the program calendar would be included.