Tazurba International, a small and gifted organization, is a result of a creative collaboration of dedicated educationists, artists and intellectuals based in the heritage city of Jaipur, India. Since 2007, Tazurba International has designed and facilitated life changing experiential learning opportunities for many people while running several programs in North India in collaboration with like-minded sending partner organizations based in source countries.

Our objective is to facilitate a unique experience for people across the globe that will stimulate a stronger connection with India, its cultural roots and heritage. Our programs give participants an opportunity to step outside of their “comfort zone” and learn about life in India at the grassroots level by really living it themselves for at least a short time. Indian experiences can potentially help participants to also learn about themselves, and those coming with an open mind and a healthy attitude to learn and experience from this rich and stimulating environment, will be well situated to enjoy personal growth and development.

Our programs begin in the greater Delhi / Jaipur environs, and focus is on urban Indian life, culture, art, crafts, and architecture.  In the second half of the program, the participants travel to Udaipur to explore and experience village life, while growing and developing perspectives and insights about rural development, subsistence agriculture, and environmental issues. Tazurba International’s programs also provide opportunity of doing volunteering work among rural communities that the participants visit

It is our hope that by crafting a total immersion program open for people across the globe, we can help provide these individuals with greater awareness of their own origins, and also acquaint them with the situation of India today.