About Us

Tazurba International was founded in 2006 by Rishi Chaturvedi, an educationist who specialize in study abroad and global education, with an active support by local artists, NGOs and intellectuals based in Rajasthan. Tazurba International is a unique organization that offers India based faculty-led study abroad tour programs, responsible immersion travel and volunteering experiences to the global community. We have designed and successfully running several programs in North India, focused on the rich cultural heritage of this region.

We have collaborations with Universities and students travel Organizations based in USA, Canada, Japan and Hong Kong , who send regular groups to India to participate in our programs. Tazurba International is structured legally as a travel business organization. Therefore we are not an education institution under Indian government regulations. We are, however, an educational tour program and service provider and have relationships with various universities and educational institutions to make their programs available in India.