Our Program

Perspectives & Insights from India

Tazurba International, a small yet very experienced organization, offers Perspectives & Insights from India program for experiential learning, cultural immersion and volunteering opportunities. This is a structured program specially designed for a group as per the following details:

This program is designed as three-weeks experiential learning activity focused on the rich cultural heritage of North India and more specifically Rajasthan where the program is based.

Specific cultural items to be explored include:

Arts and crafts including puppetry, block printing, blue pottery, miniature painting, Tie & Dye textiles, Batik painting workshop etc.

Visual and performing arts including dance, drama, puppet shows, storytelling, visit to local folk artist’s colony etc.

Architecture and design including field-trips to local palaces, gardens, historic buildings, and other sites of architectural interest.

Cultural immersion while staying with Indian host families, morning Yoga and survival Hindi lessons.

Interdisciplinary seminars on Indian history, politics and governance, land and people, art and culture.

A second component of the program is aimed at exposing these participants to some of the rural communities in South Rajasthan. Incorporating a short rural home-stay component would allow these individuals to join host families in their daily chores of life, do some volunteer work at different sites and gain some vital insights into the development issues that face certain Indigenous communities in this area.