Program Objectives

Perspectives & Insights from India program is the result of a creative collaboration of dedicated educationists, artists, and intellectuals in Jaipur.

The objective is to facilitate a unique experience for people across the globe that will stimulate a stronger connection with India, its cultural roots and heritage.

Our ultimate goal in this program is to give participants an opportunity to step outside of their “comfort zone” and learn about life in India by really living it themselves for at least a short time (Also, to hopefully learn about themselves, and who they are, or more importantly who they can be. This, in relation to a broader understanding of the world and alternate ways of thinking).

At the same time we want to give them an opportunity to give something of themselves back by doing volunteering work to the communities that they visit. In brief, that is our focus as a program.

It is our hope that by crafting a total immersion program open for people across the globe, we can help provide these individuals with greater awareness of their own origins, and also acquaint them with the situation of India today.